Monday 12 March 2012


Compared to the rest in my family, I have always been the electronics and gadget person. (Which may not be that much of one compared to the rest of the world, at least the geekier side of it.) One thing I however hadn't given any thought to was such a thing as phone covers. Except for one I had back in the early 00's with Hello Kitty on it, to pair with my disco blinking key pad lights my dad bought me from Hong Kong. (That some mofo stole along with my phone in Budapest 2003...) Anyway, it was not until I was sent an iphone cover that I noticed there are quite a lot of them - bling blinged with rhinestones, glitter, patterned and what nots. And a lot of brands with signature prints seem to be sporting covers for iphones or blackberries. Isn't it great to learn you (almost) need something you never would've thought of? (As I did notice now, it kind of is rather practical with a cover.)

Anyway, I was given a cover from Iconemesis with what else to suit me better than a rabbit in a cupcake suit! With a cherrie on top. Oh yes.

You may recognize the rabbit as Fifi Lapin. I used to visit that blog a few years back but had completely forgot about the bunny fashionista  (who seems to have it going on nowadays) until she ended up on the back of my phone.

Iconemesis collaborates with young illustrators and designers to produce artsy covers. They also have the option of custom made covers coming up, so who knows, perhaps my phone will get a milkshake cover one day, hmmm...

Well, last but not least, you saw the headline, so yes here we go:
one of you can win a bunny cover like mine!
Or, any other artwork you prefer from the site. There are covers both for iPhone 3 and 4.

To enter, visit to choose your favorite design and let me know which one you'd like to win by leaving me a comment on this post, and also weather you will need it for an iPhone 3 or 4. The giveaway is open to all my readers and will run until Tuesday March 20. The only requirement to enter is that you should follow Iconemesis on twitter or like their Facebook page.

As usual, the winner will be drawn randomly so you may only leave me one comment not to mess things up. Make sure I will be able to reach you trough that comment! If you blog/post/tweet and link to this giveaway you can leave me another comment telling me you've done so, in order to get another entry. You know the deal!


Lauren Ashtin Mocny-Branum said...

I like the pink floral! I followed via Twitter.

christine said...

this one for sure. I love fifi Lapin.

miss teacups said...

I follow on twitter, my fave is the Feathers case, so pretty!

Emily said...

I love the Fifi Teacup one (for iPhone 4):

I follow you on Twitter, and you can get in touch through my blog. Thanks!

Lauren said...

I love the cover you have! Cupcake! Oh and I have an iphone 4 =]

Sher said...

fifi teacup/cupcake is the cutest!

liked the fb page and i have an iphone 4:)


Natalia Romashko said...

Wow! I was dreaming about such cute cover! I want the same as yours!)))
for Iphone 4!

Alexandra said...

I followed via twitter, I actually can't chose one favourite but I love the "play in space", "skull" and the "blue tiger pattern".
And it's an iphone4 for me :)

norrra said...

liked the fb page, I have iphone4 and I love the Skull-cover by Sarah King

Subs said...

There is no doubt - teacup - to match the teacup and teapot tattoos I have on my feet!

iPhone 4

Athena said...

I like the floral cover and liked on twitter. I also have an iPhone 4.

cari said...

I already like/follow iconemesis on FB and twitter.
one of my favourite designs is the "skull" case by sarah king! I have an iPhone 4. lovely giveaway!!

Wanleisa said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I liked everything!
I have an iPhone 4 and I would like the skull by Sarah king !

reanimatedocean said...

Thanks for the givaway!
I follow them on twitter. everything is so cute
I have an iphone 4s.
I love the Tea Cup design

Amy said...

I have "liked" iconemesis on Facebook. My favorite design is "Flower" by Pomme Chan, and I would need it for the iPhone 4. Thanks so much for this giveaway!

♥ Agatha ♥ said...

I love your fifi lapin cupcake one ! I have an Iphone 4 and now like Iconemesis on Facebook ^^

Lou said...

I adore the skull one (Ihpone 4)
I'm following on facebook

40sfemme said...

Ooooh! lovely!
Liked on Facebook, and I would love 'feathers' by Cat Sims, for an iPhone4, if you'd be so kind. :)


Jamie said...

I liked the facebook page, and I like the teacup bunny! Thanks !

//visuaalisestivaativa// said...

That would be it:

Val said...

I like the facebook page and my love goes for the skull one for Iphone 4. My Iphone would be so happy to have a pretty shell!! (Yes I do give thoughts & soul to my Iphone... geek's pathology!)

Take care of you (and your Iphone haha)


Lozza said...

I love the Feathers for iphone 4!

Tessa said...

Fifi Lapin in a tea cup is my favourite

I follow on twitter and facebook x

Carolina Enriquez Swan said...

Wonderful phone case! Yesss you can't go wrong with cupcakes and rabbits :) Congrats on the pregnancy! It's been awhile since, I've been on the blog!

Cha said...

Lovely blog !!! And nice game :)
I now Like Iconemesis on Facebook and felt in love with the iphone 4 case called skull. Please pick me ;)

Kasia said...


I would love Fifi Teacup for Iphone 4.

Followed on Facebook

Good luck everyone!