Thursday 1 March 2012


I wait for those days when I can enjoy having a calm, proper breakfast with the time to read the daily paper or a magazine, with the radio on or a playlist of classical music. This mostly happens on my weeks off, perhaps during the evening shift weeks too if I can make it up on time. (When I do early mornings it's mostly a banana in the car on my way to work and a fibre cookie or drinking yoghurt in the work car form the office out to the harbour.)

Todays smoothie was one with avocado, raspberries and apricots!
I used three ecological dried apricots (you know, those dark ones that have not been treated with sulfur dioxide), a few hazelnuts and almonds and let them soak in applejuice over the night. Then I mixed them with one small avocado, some wheat grass freshly cut form the pot, frozen raspberries and apple juice.
Very delicious. You could get by on one such alone for breakfast, depending on your habits. As I had managed to crawl up from bed early enough to dragmyself to the gym for a short gym set and the morning zumba I also had some rye bread with banana, pear and eco-peanut butter and cottage cheese and cucumber and an egg. Oh, the joy of food.

Someone once commented that I seem to eat very healthy, or was it just those certain food that made it in the blog? WEll, it's not just for the blog; I like it healthy! But I also like cake. Ying and yang.
In gereal the basic breakfast in Scandinavia tends to be rather healthy and fiber rich, dark bread and porridge and so on.  Croissants, pancakes, jams nutella etc. are more for the "Sunday breakfasts".  My morning meal most often involves a smoothie - as you  may have noticed here before. I usually try and buy smoothie ingredients for the week to come when I go shopping; veggies, fruits, frozen berries, juice for base. Super smoothies/fruities with a lot in the is not the most affordable thing to make over here, as all fruits are imported in winter time. Of course smoothies can be made more affordable too, with  just one kid of frozen berries, juice and perhaps almonds, but I like to mix and match a lot.

Another nice smoothie I made the other day with the same base (apple juice) involved a kiwi fruit, fresh ginger, a bug chunk of cucumber, fresh wheat grass and some frozen black currants. Worth a try. Smoothie mania!


Maja said...

sounds delish! I have to try this sometime..

Zoë Winters said...

mmmm I am a smoothie maniac! I am loving my apple+mango+anythingelse smoothies just now! mmmm! x

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a while and have to say that I love your food related posts. I like how clean and fresh your food is and it's really inspired me to eat less processed foods and more healthy so thanks!

Anonymous said...

This sounds lovely, one day when I have the time and money, I'd like to try eating healthy stuff like this! Can't go wrong with smoothies for breakfast.

Malayka said...

Being that I'm pretty much obsessed with food myself... I love your breakfast posts! I definitely prefer to eat healthy as well but agree that you need a bit of balance.