Friday 25 May 2012


Our flat is in the latest issue (no6-7)  of Home & Kitchen-magazine (Koti&Keittiö).
The article was shot over a year ago, but not that much has changed at home after that - just some details and the mint green trolleys and so on.

My round belly encounters a pic of flat-belly me. I almost forgot I look like that in my normal state!
I also forgot this is what our flat looks like when it's tidy.
Ha. Ha.

Even though I take quite a lot of photos at home myself I always like seeing the pictures that a professional has taken; which angles they choose and what they choose to snap. The teams always move around some things a little, like change the angles of a chair or the location of a flower pot or so.
There aren't that many pictures in the feature online so here are some shots of the article instead:

I noticed floor plan showed is actually the one of the corner flat in out building; we don't have windows on three sides. And fortunately we don't have to go trough the bathroom to get to the kitchen, they're besides each other, not after one another, and we have a storage toom too. But otherwise it's just the same.

But yes, ehrm, you know what this made me think of (and feel obliged to do)? Clean!
Clean clean clean!

(btw here's a link to an article about my old flat, which was funny for me at least to look at. Same same but different, you know?)


Fufuquices said...

Your house is beautiful,
it's amazing!
Congratulations on the subject in the magazine!
Oh, I love cats! They are cute!
Kisses and an excelent weekend, dear!

Q's Daydream said...

ohhhh, amazing!

Anonymous said...

I love how the light gets through from the big window to the kitchen (in forth photo). So adorable living place!

Nika Chick said...

What a lovely place you live in! I love different room colors and your cat, of course :)

Mari said...

Your house is amazing,
so stylish!
Congratulations and by the way your cat is sooo cute >.<

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

I have TWO cats!!! :)

Emily said...

What a beautiful home! Super stylish but you get a feeling that it's a 'real' home too.

Emily x

Kristina said...

Hihii! Jag ser att du hade en likadan kontorsstol från IKEA som jag har. Den är ju så förbaskat bekväm så att surfandet blir farligt tidsödande...sitta,sitta sitta.
Bägge dina hem var/är otroligt mysiga och personliga. Bra jobbat!

Unknown said...

Du har ett sånt underbart vackert hem med så vackra färger!
Verkligen inspirerande :)

ramonies said...

Your at home label is one of my favourite! You've got awesome flat! I have no time recently, but I always have time to visit YOU! And I have to say I feel I have to watch all your older posts like I did many times last year. I inspired me then so much and I need it now. And I'm not talking only about clothing but whole life, everything. You now, it's hard for me to explain it in english but I hope you understand:) My next free day/evening I'll definitely on your blog :) Best wishes for you, I keep fingers crossed for you, hope everything's going to be ok with you and baby! :*

Hannelore said...

Your flat looks amazing!

Ulrika said...

Du har verkligen mitt drömhem! :)