Wednesday 30 May 2012


Here's where we started out!

 Or, not started really, but at around 14 weeks. Look! I look so tiny!

And now at 36 weeks. Four weeks to go today, exactly!
(And yes, I still fit in the same dress - although it might be ruined for future use now... )

In the end I did not get that many dresses for maternity. Not that I planned to either. But I actually got even less. Most of the pieces I purchased are such that they can be worn "normally" too (as in are not labelled as mommy-clothing). I got a couple of vintage dresses too, apart from the old ones ones my mother gave me.  And then I had one made, plus made a few myself. I have another dress coming up still, but I'm making it with a flatter belly and belted waist in mind.

Otherwise I've gotten by by the few looser pieces I had myself and by buying a couple of maternity long sleeved tees and two very stretchy, very useful black skirts. Plus a whole lot of stockings and leggings. The H&M Mama leggings are comfy, but of really crappy quality - they all get holes in the groin after some use. And if you wear them just like that, like I do, with rumpan bar, you go trough quite many.

I had a few ideas of comfy-but-pretty pieces to get from some Etsy shops, but never got around to do it. Well, there is still about a month left, but I have realized I will not be pregnant forever. So I think I'll save those for the next time. Will there be one, that is.

(And  checking back as it is May, do I still think it's fun to dress up -referring to this comment here-? Kind of, yes :)

When it comes to shoes I've been wearing my normal ones, mostly the mid heeled ones. I bought some flats, but they are actually less comfy than the ones with some height. I added some extra padded soles for the ballerinas and have now been wearing those too. The higher heels have been waiting for later in my closet though.

So far my feet have not swollen at all, but we'll see how these last weeks go, now that the weather is also warmer. Although I've gained weight I've still been moving around, going swimming and so on, so perhaps they won't swell up. But I almost hope they would a little, as I have a pair of wedges I got with pregnancy in mind that are a little bit too big for me to wear comfortably :D

At home I walk around in my ugly but oh so needed yoga slippers (with acupunctural beads); my feet use to ache a lot normally too, and now they really need the pressure spots the slippers give.

I've been using a  lot of natural oils and lotions -virgin coconut oil, almond and jojoba oil, organic belly butter - for my belly. Pretty much oils I use everyday for al-round use too, plus some especially meant for pregnancy. In the beginning I also used Decubal form the pharmacy, as mom said it has liposomes that help to avoid marks. So far I've also managed to avoid those much talked about stretch marks. On my belly, that is. My legs have taken the heaviest burden here though, as it seems most kilos have settled on the thighs. Typical; thanks a lot genes, that's the hardest place for me to get rid of squish. Should've seen it coming...

I thought of that being pregnant from autumn to summer in a country with big changes in the seasons is perhaps the hardest nine months clothing wise - my belly was big during late winter, cold spring, warmer spring and now summer, requiring difrerent pieces of clothing. Would it have grow from say April to September it would be easier to fix the wardrobe, as the temperature nor conditions vary that drastically (as in, no snow).  Not that I'm complaining, just sayin'.


Tine said...

Really fun post, those first two pictures would look good next to each other in a frame (with maybe a third pic with the baby). I can't wait to see that little bundle of joy!

The Glamorous Housewife said...

Could you be a cuter pregnant gal? I think not. I have been admiring your maternity wardrobe for awhile now. I wish I looked as good as you do when I was pregnant. Love your blog.

Thanks doll,
The Glamorous Housewife

Áurea López said...

I, so I've had problems with breastfeeding is more than pregnancy.
My breastfeeding is long and now only mom at home alone and far from it. I've had really bad in terms of clothing is concerned, I've been dressing like hommeless two years, as well as the child was breast-feeding over with a backpack and often nursing when I was very little at a time.
If I have another will do the same with breastfeeding and backpack, but I think my style will not change. Only know how to choose clothes with buttons open toes, although the panties and going for walks with children are not very compatible.
I hope to see your son with your child in arms and beautiful as always, thanks for telling your experience us, are helpful.
Sorry for my english, I´m from Spain.

Frollein von Sofa said...

oh my goodness, this belly is huge !! maybe he or she comes with a bunch of gifts...?! so you are carrying some nice shoes and accessories in there as're the sexiest mama-to-be ever !! I wish you all the best !!

Sonja said...

Jag har lyckats undvika att vara gravid på sommaren, första född i juni andra och tredje i mars. Visst är det jobbigt med vintern då man knappt får på sig någon jacka längre, men jag har förstått att det är värst att vara gravid då det är högsommar. Men inte vet jag?

Du ser i alla fall underbar ut, klänningen är superfin både då och nu. Jag hörde att vi ses på lördagen, efter vårfesten på fest!? Jes!

Katja said...

I think I've spent a small fortune on thights. And last week I've bought some simple maxi dresses from H&M, since my other real summer clothes won't fit anymore. But i spend a lot time last week in bikini's, which was rather comfi ;) Good luck with the last weeks!

Taryn said...

I love your blog. Very inspirational.

ina said...

Hej, jag tror jag har lite större fötter än dig så sen innan du hejvar någo skor (speciellt om de där wedgesarna aldrig passar dig) - tala med mig först!!! Vill gärna prova.. Lyckades också glömma mina vita Rocket Originals-wedges i Tx och vet inte om de ryms med i bagaget nu till sommaren...