Thursday 31 May 2012


 Hello there!

Today's post will be about...'s outfit! What a surprise!
I actually had a lot else planned but believe it or not, even though I'm on leave form work I am terribly busy all the time, have so much to do* but don't seem have time for anything!

I got this knit on sale for five euros some days ago -you can never ever have too many classic striped shirts- and have been sporting it with tights and a black skirt alike. But I'm dreaming about this with a flatter belly and a pair of proper capris for a classic preppy casual fifties/sixties look. (Have no idea where to find my ideal capris though; I don't want them too skin tight you see. But they still have to have a good fit on the behind. So not any crappy pants will do. Tricky.)

To give this post a little more content and some of that promised hair-related topic (I do have a proper thing coming up, but not the time for pics and text yet...) I can tell you that an easy variation to your everyday hairstyle can be done by wearing a scarf or headband and parting your hair differently than normally. I usually have my hair parted in the side but parted it in the middle now. My scalp likes it with a change every now and then too.

*) OK, so much to do includes actual commissions to finnish and too many emails for me to manage for the moment but also me wanting to cook rhubarb jam, clean and organize both houses, book time to the beauty salon to fix my lashes before the baby comes (yes, why not?) plus take my daily two naps :)

PS. Now, let's see if that first picture of mine will make it to some forum where they discuss how "fashion bloggers" pose silly! I once saw one of less seripus pics in such a thread. And you know I'm super serious about everything all the time, especially outfit posing! Serious business out here on the internet.


(Retro) Sonja said...

You look stunning and I like the first picture!

Petra said...

Onnea loppumetreille! Tulee melkein jo ikävä omaa valtavaa masua, sängyssä tuhisee tällä hetkellä 4 kk prinsessa :)

Litab said...

Sorry, I sent you an email (sometimes click click clik on a crazy way).
Well, I like your lovely pictures!

Nika Chick said...

You look great! Red fits you so good, as well as stripes. Lollypop :)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa said...

You are so gorgeous! I love your hair. XO

Solveig said...

I LOVE the first picture! :) And the outfit too!

Jamie said...

I adore your hair. You are far too gorgeous at nine months. If you find the capris you are seeking, please pass the info along. xx

Allu. said...

Oon tullut siihen tulokseen, että susta tulee maailman khuulein äiti! :D

Anonymous said...

It might interests you (about the importance of waiting with the umbilical cord cutting after the baby was born):