Thursday 26 July 2012


I've often been asked to write about what make up or beauty products I use. A post promised but that seems to take me forever to get done. Maybe because I for a long time really was not enthusiastic about beauty products, just went for the same ones that I found alright year after year; mostly pharmacy products, some natural oils and some of the basic brand's stuff when it came to skin care, and quite the basic make up ones too. But during the past year I have been updating the contents of my bathroom and make up bag to mainly all-natural and all- eco (for many reasons) and have been really interested and enthusiastic in finding and trying out new ranges (can you read: shopping sprees, yes, in plural, here? Oh yes!).
Here are some favorites of mine, both old and new:

From the left-right:
Dr.Bronners 18-in-1 hemp oil pure castile soap - I totally love love love this multi use soap! My favorite is the peppermint one, which I keep in the city apartment, but the one with almond oil (pictured) also smells so good! I also have this on in lemon and lavender for my kitchens, heh, talk about addiction :)
I took a small bottle of the peppermint soap with me to the hospital when I went to give birth as it works for as well the face, hair and body. You can also dilute it with water for cleaning.

Cocovi cold pressed virgin coconut oil - we'll I've already mentioned how great coconut oil is before. I use a lot of natural oils, but coconut is my favorite. It's firm when the temperature is under +25c, and now in summer it's in between melting, so the texture is heavenly. Dag's skin is sensitive like mine, and he got a severe rash in his face. I tried different baby oils and regular brand baby lotions and finally tried soothing the rash with coconut oil and it worked wonders!

Balm Balm's baby balm - I really love this one too. It consists mostly of shea butter, has a gret texture  and as well as the coconut oil  it has been good for Dag's skin. But also on mine; I put it on my lips at night for example.

Melvita extraordinary rose water - a serum to put on after cleaning and before moisturizing. It's a creamy fresh-and softeness boost. Serums or special lotions are of such kind that I seldom think of buying them myself, but every now and then it's nice with some minor extra everyday luxury.

Vapour Organic Beauty blush stain - I blot this on my lips and cheeks with my fingertips and sometimes a little in the outer corner of my eyes too. It's a perfect red that gives "snowhite lips"" (as in lips that look like they were a perfect super red by nature) when I blot it on without a liner, and works as lipstick applied from the stick or with a brush when I have lined my lips. This one is seriously addictive! Vapour has a lot of other sticks and creams I've tried out in sample size that I'm eager to get too!


Frollein von Sofa said...

oh my goodness...that soap sounds so perfect !! It seems I have lived on mars until now....but thanks to the world wide web I have just bought a big bottle of the peppermint version and I cannot wait to try it !

Kristina said...

Den där tvålen hyllas överallt! Var köper du din? Den finns inte i burik här i Sverige.

Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I agree, the soap sounds amazing. I wonder where on earth (LOL, Finland?) I could get it.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Frollein von Sofa : Enjoy it :)

Kristina & Miss Tallulah : I buy mine from Naturisimo. They have free shipping, at least within Europe. I get my Vapours from there too!

jessbuurman said...

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