Thursday 2 August 2012


Everyone says it at some point (at least those in the part of the world that can recognize themselves when it comes to first world problems...), you know: I have nothing to wear!

Although seldom being totally true, sometimes the issue is more relevant than normally. I rightfully (well, sort of) posted about it last autumn when I was pregnant (although you did not know it then yet); back then I still fit my clothes but they did not feel good on as I felt bad and was swollen. But now it really is for real: breastfeeding leaves a lot of things out and in any case I still have 15cm to loose from my waist before the main part of my regular wardrobe will suit me again. (That's however already two cm less than last week so yes, eventually I will be strutting around in my Trashy Divas and the other pretty dresses again. Not this summer though.) So I really do have very little to wear for the moment...

I'm trying to make use of those moments baby Dag sleeps - sometimes less, sometimes more; he mostly eats- and make me something fast, easy and suitable to wear: circle skirts.

So, here we have us some skirts-to-be plus sleeping baby in the background. Eddi called them trendy hipster-fabrics but I more sensed them as fifties styled ethnic inspired. Well, we'll se.

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jessbuurman said...

Its tells us what kinds of cloths shut your personality or to shut to your skin as well.