Wednesday 22 August 2012


This summer there were days when it literally would not stop pouring down. I am not the one to start climbing up the walls if I have to spend a lot of time inside, but sometimes it's nice with something else to do than spending the whole day by the world wide web (it's crazy but true) or reading a book. Those rainy days might just be what you need to get those things on your want-to-do-list done; so I made some pictures for the wall with cheap IKEA-frames and a piece of wallpaper I always wanted to use, but had no actual use for.

As wallpapers usually have a nice texture it's nicer not to hide them behind the (plexi-)glass, so I glued the paper on the plexi instead of the cardboard. I intended to put a layer of varnish on the "paintings" too to be able to stand the moist but then decided to skip that phaze and hang these in the hallway instead. Which was good as I found the old tin ad for the bahtroom instead.


Unknown said...

great idea! i have been wanting to do this for quite sometime now but it is so hard finding cool prints I really love. I bet these will look awesome though!

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