Wednesday 1 August 2012


 I made some lentil tapenade, which is a nice (and vegan) spread or side dish: 2 parts cooked green lentils and one part green olives, some lemon, a lot of garlic, salt, pepper, oil and a lot of balsamico mashed together. You can also add a little onion to the mix. I added a few leaves of fresh basil to this one.

My basil is blooming!  It's one of those a supermarket herbs that I put in a bigger pot.

Smoothie of the day has some basil in it, but mostly consists of: an avocado, orange juice, frozen mango and some linen seeds. I am moving the rest of my smoothieofthedays to Instagram (a huge step for mankind, I know) as I am now on instagram (another huge step for mankind there).
Find me as turrbocherry.

After a few failed tries I finally got a couple of avocados growing. I've had a few avocados before that have grown pretty well to about 40cm and six months but then died. Let's see how there make it!


Malayka said...

Yum you sure know how to eat good food!

Dea-chan said...

Once herbs start blooming, they put more energy into reproducing and stop putting energy into tasty leaves. So you should probably pinch off the flowers whenever you see them.

Unknown said...

I've never even considered making my own tapenade before. Yours looks delicious, might try making some at the weekend.

Unknown said...

mmm, lentil tapenade sounds lovely. I should be more adventurous. I'm trying to grow herbs and peppers at the moment but it's not going very well. lol.