Thursday 4 October 2012


Part of me has always liked autumn best. 
The part with colours, scarves, pepper mint tea and candles, fresh walks in the autumn sunshine.

I went for a walk with Dag the other day when we were out in the contryside.
The cats always follow me around like a pair of dogs. Which is sweet and funny in a way, but it's not really a good thing. People drive very fast on these roads. And I don't want them walking too far away. I have to hush and shout at them to stay put.

Which sometimes works.

 Our lambs munching. Munch munch munch.

Oh, the colours!

Eddi's farm.

Me and my little teddybear under the apple tree.

The teddy bear that is getting tired.

So it's best to head back inside.

The day is coming to and end anyway.

PS. Bonus if you can spot all the kitties in the picks! They are, as usual, everywhere.


Maja said...

Lovely pictures, such beautiful colours and that picture of a very tired Dag is just as cute as can be!

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos! Your baby is really cute =D

Anonymous said...

These pictures make me gleeful :) I adore the autumn! Things are just heating up here in Australia, and the summertime makes me grumpy. I'm yearning for coloured leaves again.
I love that your kitties follow you :) How adorable! but i do understand your concern about them following you onto roads. Stay safe, kitties!
Dag looks adorable as a cuddly bear!
Thanks so much for posting!

Mariela Santillan said...

What a lovely countryside! You look great and your teddy bear is super cute.

Kim West said...

Your photos are so lovely. I also cant wait for the full autumn to arrive! I love golden October.

Play Online Bingo said...

Oh those orange and red trees and the perfect sun! i love this photo collection so much! :) looking forward to taking a trip there soon.

Kristina said...

Åh så underbara bilder, man kan nästan känna den fräscha höstdoften. Den här tiden på året när allting skiftar och solen tittar fram är nog bland de bästa om man tänker efter konstigt nog så längtar man ju aldrig till hösten, fastän den är så fin och innebär att man kan ha sina finaste kläder på sig enligt mig då och det finns en känsla utav nystart, rensai garderober, fixa och dona hemma säsong.
Dag är supersöt. Har han bruna ögon?

Sara Kristiina said...

Beautiful landscape, looks so stunning place to spend time.. ! haha loved your PS there, I did find most of the kitties ;) And Dag is cute as always, little teddybear, aw!

Katja said...

Pretty colors, but I like summer best! Pekka (hahha) also has the bear suit, but it's still a bit to large :( Dag is good model!

Alli said...

Such a gorgeous little bear :)

Lena said...

Is there a kitty on the last picture? could not spot him/her. That teddy bear of yours is the cutest!

Dolly Von Sucre said...

Beautiful photos. I love autumn, it's my favourite time of year. It's so cute how your cats follow you everywhere. They are definitely part of the reason why I follow your blog hehe. ^^ I love seeing them in your photos!

Maia said...

Autumn is really my favorite season. :)