Saturday 13 October 2012


I popped by the re-launch of Kokomo tonight and all the Tiki drinks were free. Free tiki drinks! I could however not enjoy myself any complimentary tropical alcoholic beverages as I was also doing a show. You can't always have everything I guess. Not even when it comes to tiki drinks (damn it).

This is the autumn version of dressing "tropical"; if it's too cold for bare legs or very thin tights it's best just to add a big splash of colour all over.

The dress is Trashy Diva, the necklace a leftover from my hippiedays I bought the summer I was in Bali and yes, you must have noticed, the bag matches my fridge which means it is m i n t  g r e e n.
(There's lots of mint green in the shops right now. Almost too much. It was hard to believe it would ever come to this.)

Oh, and a little PS. here at the end;
my weekly give away at my blog's  FB page this week -ending Sunday as usual- is for a set of eco false lashes, with ecologic-and vegan friendly adhesive! 5 cent per contester goes to charity (to organizations in the US.) Enter via my site or straight trough here:


Anonymous said...

You look great! Can i ask you how you loose your babyweight? I have 6 month old daughter and i have struggled my weight 4 months...

Sales, Smiles and Styles said...

I have been a huge admirerer of your blog for over 2 years now. I, with out fail, always think of you before I buy a piece of clothing, kind of a "how would she wear it" thought, and I think that has definitely been a big influence in how I've dressed myself for the past 2 years-I want to thank you for the inspiration, youe truely are so inspiring. I started my own blog two years also, nothing of the creativing and imagination your blogging, but I do enjoy having a way of experimenting and showing off-my drive for style is looking for bargains ( :) So I guess, I just want to say hi and that I'll try and be a bit more vocal-I love it when you do tropical looks! This is adorable! <3 Jill

someone said...

Love the dress.
Love the bag.
Love the fridge.

Have a good weekend x

tanïa said...

Fascinating how well your outfit matches your home decoration: bag goes with fridge, dress and hairflower go with the table cloth! Very well done! Love that Tiki Style!

Henna X. said...

You look so beautiful!

Kati said...

You definitely match your surroundings perfectly!

Roxy said...

I am RIDICULOUSLY jealous of your dress. I have loved that print since I first saw it but have never been able to afford one of their dresses.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : Well, I have been working out. Not more than normally, that'd be impossible with a baby; I go to the gym abot once a week and I've managed to go swimming only a couple of times. But I guess I've been walking around more, and then of course carrying a baby is some sort of work out too :D I guess breast feeding helps me too, but it does not help everybody I've heard. I now think I am at the point where it will be more difficult; I still have about 6cm I'd ned off the waist while the rest is sort of "normal":
Mostly I think it's my diet; I've always eaten healthy but now I've chosen extra much raw food. But to quote Robert de Niro on how he lost his weight after Raging Bull: "you gotta eat less."
So Iäve left out those extra sandwiches or occasional chocolate bars. No piece of cake or cinammon roll at the ikea trips either. I haven't been fanatic with it though, but in general just more strict.

Jill : thank you!

Roxy : put 4$ aside every week and you can buy it next June!!

Miss Maple said...

Ulrika, you're a real Tiki princess. Means, I love your outfit, parrots on a sky blue dress, what could be better?
And you did a great job in loosing your babyweight. As I've told you breast feeding will help.
Have a nice and cosy Sunday evening with your two men.
Hugs from Miss Maple

Unknown said...

Oh you look beautiful xx

Ms. Falcon said...

good idea to add bright coloured tights to this tiki dress ... you look gorgeos.