Sunday 28 October 2012


Today when I woke up it was all white outside! Very pretty yes, but it's still only October! Way too cold too soon, brrr!

After a short walk amongst the white I spent most of my day in the kitchen.

The light in there was quite nice today.

It's surprising how strong the late autumn light can sometimes be, when it happens to come around. 
(And hey, only 8 weeks and we start going towards longer, lighter days again!)

I made a set of fig fudge to snack and lunch on for the week to come.

And put some mint from the garden I've dried into jars. Mint tea sessions ahead, oh yeah.

I put Dag out on the kitchen cold porch to sleep, after he'd been trying out different moods.

I've been cleaning up and organizing in there (the porch). The old postcards I've had in my kitchens before will hang there soon. But let's check back on that space some other time.

Back to the kitchen! I tried out a raw pumpkin pie, using pretty much this recipe from Jolie. Halloween!

And pumpkin-tomato soup for dinner with the rest of the pumkin. The soup got a nice full taste by adding uncooked bellpepper, onions and garlic plus a few dried apricots, fresh herbs and sun dried tomatoes just before mashing it all together. With lots of garlic, to keep the Halloween vampires away. Haha. (I often add some sundried tomatoes, a few apricots -or dates- or olives as spices in soups and sauces.)

I served the soup with popped aramanth, hemp seeds and chipotle tabasco. 
Possible leftovers works well as a pasta sauce.

The pumpkin pie was ment to be eaten with (a raw food) licorice sauce but I didn't have all that was needed for that s made mine of coconut cream, anis, some of that mint, agave and a hint of chardamom. Turned out rather nice togehter with a cup of black coffee!

And little monsieur shoutey kept quiet for a while and sported his smurf / Snowwhite and the seven dwarfs look.


Sara Kristiina said...

Beautiful sunday..! I wish it could be snowing here too soon.

Nika Chick said...

Wow! Snow already.

And again... what a beautiful baby you have :)

Natalia L. said...

What a lovely smile your beautiful baby has!
The snow is pretty, but wish the weather wouldn't skip seasons...

Christina said...

We had frost this morning, too. And lovely crisp air.
Oh, and I have that postcard, too, on my inspiration board. Brought it back from a trip to sweden once.

Happy Halloween Week!

Solanah said...

Oh, what a sweetie! That's a mischievous little smile ;)


Porcelina said...

Oo, brrr, it's not quite that cold here but I have just started wearing a proper coat rather than a jacket!!

Just to let you know, your blog is in my top 5 for outfit posts, I did a little post about it here:

I used one of your photos but it's clearly linked to your blog, I hope this is okay - please let me know if there's any issue!

Beautiful photos, and little Dag is very photogenic, like his mother!

Porcelina xx

Kelly said...

Dag is cute even when he is shouting! I am jealous of the snowy vista :)

Nini said...

Great photos! It's beautiful where you live. Greatings from Belgium.

amjadbutt said...

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Norita said...

Hey there, I made a soup very much inspired by yours last night and wanted to let you know it was yummy!! Love your blog, all the best! Nora from Ireland