Sunday, 2 December 2012


I started my Christmas window-pimping. Phase one; there's more to come. I think the seasonal lights can be a bit on the kitchier side. 

Same goes for the balcony lights.
(Although now that I think about it, even when one goes with the more is more-principal here in Scandinavia I guess it's still pretty modest compared to Christmas decorations elsewhere.)

And now I'm working on some prints, the same comic-strips-for-clothing that I used to do some years back.

 With a glass of Sunday night red. Mmmyes.


Miss Maple said...

Love the colourful lights on your balcony.

Unknown said...

Everything looks very cozy. Your cat is so cute too! :)

Nika Chick said...

Great lighting idea! It adds that special atmosphere of holidays and Christmas. I'm thinking about creating smth similar just to make home sweeter and cosy.

Thank you. Enjoy your evening :)

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Nini said...

lovely lights you have there! It is snowing here in Belgium for more than an hour already. I'll start decorating today as well. Thank you for the inspiration!

Lore said...

nothing more exciting than put some lights everywhere during this time of year. I am searching perfect set of colorful lights cause my dear old mid 90s set is dead and cannot find new lights to it. Such a shame.