Sunday 16 December 2012


I often get the question to do a make up post, but even thought I enjoy make up my interest in it comes and goes. Now I managed to empty my make up bag and snap some shots of what I carry around with me:

For everyday use I only wear pure mineral or natural, organic make up. After some thought it seems the only sane thing, that what you smear onto (or, into) your skin on a daily basis would be free form extra chemicals and substances, consisting of ingredients you actually can read and understand. For special events I use a mix of natural and "conventional" make up, depends on on the required look. At some point I totally freaked out about the thought of chemicals and felt my skin instantly clogged up when applying oh-so-smooting-silicone based foundation (you know -or maybe you don't-  like the feeling when you have a piece of chocolate and it's BAM 10kg per thigh immediately. In your head.) but that cooled down; I don't have any issues using products for shows and shoots as log as it smooths out and glitters up.

I have no problems leaving the house without make up if I head for a walk or go to the gym or so, but if I am going anywhere a little more than just that I do my usual set which takes about five minutes. Base, brows, something on the lashes at least.

For the base I use mineral foundation. A little darker shade in summer, a little lighter in winter. My set is from Bellapierre;  I use the shades ivory and ultra. I have both the loose powder foundation as well as the compact one. I brush it all over my face with a big soft kabuki brush. These work really well for me, just perfectly really, leaving the skin looking natural while still giving agood coverage and a nice shimmer, although now in winter my skin dries up a lot and I am on the look out for a liquid foundation.

After foundation sweep on some rouge on my cheeks and then add loose shimmer powder on my cheekbones and under my eyebrows for highlight. That's kind of the 'trick' int he trick. I use a rather nude shade- champagne- from Bellapierre. It's a small jar but the stuff if very intense and will propably last several years.

(Before I  started using minerals I had a "day time" and a fancier, "night time" foundation.  For daywear I had different Lumene foundations, but my 'fancy foundation was Lancome's Photogenic Lumessence which I still use on shoots etc, it's a great one. I used the Lumene radiance primer almost daily before, giving a beautiful pearly glow. I also have the Nvey Eco creme deluxe foundation for 'fancy' use.)

Eyeliner used to be a staple in my everyday routine until I did my first lash extensions, when the eye looked so god just like that I got lazy and started leaving the liner out. Now that I no longer have the extentions I still go pretty much without, unless I am going somewhere. Then I use a natural one by Nvey eco which I paint on with a brush and some water. But if I want a sharp deep black wing I use an eyeliner with felt tip liner. For me the Rimmel one has been great for years.

My eye socket is rather deep -or something like that- which casts shadows framing my eye, so I seldom use any eye shadow unless I am going for a more made up look or certain style, or want some colour. I might just brush on a little rouge in the outer corner of the eye, goes with the same sweep as the one on the cheeks. But I always fill in my brows with a brown pen a little to highlight their shape.

Then the lashes - is it just me or does anyone else concur that lashes are not what they used to be as age kicks in? In my teens and early twenties I got the question if I wore false lashes all the time. And any mascara was perfect. Now, I feel most mascaras are only ever so average and so are my lashes.  Especially after having had extensions... it was the best thing I've tried beauty wise (seriously, where were those when I was out all the time and used to wake up wherever? Alright, couldn't have afforded such then. But anyway. Damn! One decade too late). But having extensions for more than a couple of months is pretty damaging for your own lashes I'm afraid.

Right now I use three mascaras, which are all pretty alright, but obviously not perfect - otherwise I'd be rocking just one. I have the Terre d'Oc mascara, Lavera's double brush (both natural) and Lumene's Sensitive eyes. But I use false lashes just as much -  when used to wear those applying them takes no longer than applying two coats of mascara and with the right adhesive (I have Duo) they stay on for as long as you wish. And the lashes need to be with a thin silicone strip too to attach well and look real. I am a total lash junkie, with lots of different models and sizes. Not to mention the tranny-sized ones I use on stage.

On the lips I use one of Sante's pens; the red one or the dark pink one. It stays quite well on the whole day. I may add some red with my red stain from Vapour beauty.

I have a lot of lipstick in different shades - I love lip colour - but it's a bit like jewelry to me; I tend to wear a certain one a lot periodically (also depending on the outfit and occasion of course) but in daily wear often go without -pretty much like it is with the other items I have, coloured eye liners and different shadows. I have a lot. Not to mention that suitcase full of glitters I drag along for shows.
But that's another story.


Kstylick said...

Nice set of make up! :) Like it..

Anonymous said...


maybe you try the "All-in-One" Mascara by Artdeco. I had the same problem with lashes but finally found this one. It gives great lenghts, volume und does not have the "fly leg" effect.
Greatings from Germany,

Cristina said...

Oh, great set of make-up. I love them!

Positively Bri said...

I need to try using mineral makeup during the day, as the heavier type that I usually use for shoots and shows is prompting too many breakouts. I never feel like I'm getting complete coverage with mineral though. Maybe I'm just doing it wrong? Loved the post!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Positively Bri :I tried mineral foundation the first time when L'oreal put theirs on the market, 2006 or so. Did so not work for me then! But it propably wasn't a pure one. I'd go for a quality, all natural one as those seem to work the best. I really like Bellapieree, also heard good things about for example Idun Minerals. I think the kabuki brusk is also of big importance; to choose a good one. I have one that's very, eh, how would you say it- tight? Firm, with lots of hair closely togehther, to build up more coverage.

The first time I put on the foundation I was really surprised how awesome the result was. You should start with wuite a little of the powder in order not to get a too thick layer at once, then rub it in in small circles with the brush, adding more until you have the desired finish. I found that with the slightly darker shade I sued for summer (which many use as their winter shade; ivory) the coverage was very good. With ultra, the palest one, the tone is a bit more shimmery and translucent. Hope minerals will work out for you, I have been very pleased :)

Samala said...

I live in Australia where the Evohe make up line is made. It is amazing! I find my skin too dry for mineral powder but their line features an omega 3 oil: you place one squirt in your palm with a little of their mineral powder (in beautiful packaging!) and mix it to form a foundation. It looks flawless and glowy but natural too and I get compliments on my skin often. Ian's all natural quality ingredients. I honestly couldn't go back to anything else now!