Saturday 8 December 2012


Erik Bruun is one of my favorite graphic designers, as you may know. He did the Jaffa ads from the early sixties that I have at home for example. This Christmas Jaffa has a campaign with images inspired by Bruun's design. Me likes!


These cards were made by graphic design students who won a competition to attend a master class with Bruun. You can send these as electronic postcards here

(Here's a cute ad with dancing bottles and the old master himself. You know, in case you were in the mood for some happy dancing bottles or so.)


Sini -ope said...

I've also been admiring these Jaffa ads and their grafics! :D

Sarah (aka OldeSarah) said...

Love these!
You got me interested in Erik Bruun, and now I own two posters and a handful of cards!
So, thank you!
(aka OldeSarah)