Tuesday 4 June 2013


Today (or, yesterday by now) was our second anniversary; cotton wedding. It's strange to think it was already two years ago that we got married, but then again it feels like such a long time ago too. You know, the way it usually is with memories, hard to place in a proper time perspective.

(I had to look that cotton thing up btw, paper (which is the first anniversary), gold and silver and so on I remember, but not the rest. Well I think no one does -nor cares, hehe- , or?)


Naomi said...

Aw happy anniversary! That photo is adorable~

The Occasional Indulgence

Sara Kristiina said...

Such a beautiful portrait! Hyvää toista vuosipäivää !:) Minä olen usein miettinyt, että miten se nyt noissa vuosipäivissä menee, puuvilla (?) on mulle ennestään ihan tuntematon ja paperi :D

Elina said...

Happy anniversary! We just had our 11th anniversary. It's called steel wedding, haven't heard about that ever before!

pumps & luiers said...

congrats - ours is nearly there too!

Unknown said...

heyy! i've just started dabbling into fashion on my blog i'd love if you could take a look and give some feed back thankyou! xxx


Sarah said...

It really is a wonderful picture!

I never knew about all the other anniversary-things before I got married.
But now I kinda like it, and we try to do something with it every year (ahum, because we've been married for soooo long ;-) )
It's will be two years for me and my husband this year (October 31), and I'm already thinking about what to get him :p!

Wishing you lots of happy years together!

Unknown said...

Congrats! x


vixenoffoxgreen said...

I do believe that's the best photograph you've ever taken.