Sunday 16 June 2013


I'm continuing with my quest to dig in the depths of my wardrobe wear as much as possible during the summer: This dress is my grand-aunt's old and I have had it for a very long time. I used it last time one day during 2008 and the time before -the first time- when I graduated from the 9th grade ( I remember having had big curls in my hair from curlers and wearing those bonzo platform sandals of the late nineties, uh, with it); which means I've used it once every eight years so far. So yes, it was a fair idea to let it out in the sun again.

It's, ahem, rather short and I've felt it's not really me because of that but then again what the heck; why not! I wore it with black hotpants underneath for those just-in-case moments. And painted myself some candy nails to go along.


Anonymous said...

Mahtava kokonaisuus, taas jälleen kerran! !

Naomi said...

It's adorable! I quite like the length on you!

The Occasional Indulgence

Aly Rose Vintage said...

Lovely! I think the length looks fab on you. Perfect with your hair and the bows on the shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

Jag undrar verkligen hur du gjort den frisyren och om du kan hänvisa till någon tutorial för att göra en liknande.
Den är så fin!


The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Désirée : Har du långt hår kan du fixa det genom att dela upo håret i nedre och övre del; tvinna nedre delen först typ svinrygg och sedan göra en hästsvans av övre som du 'viker' ner; du kan fylla ut den med såndän sockbun som t.ex finns på H&M etc. Men jag har ju inte så långt hår nu så jag har helt enkelt lagt till lite mera :)
En enklare version av denna:
utan extra fyll, bara rullat extra svansen til en stor knut uppe på huvudet.