Monday 10 June 2013


So, whatever was in the bag peeping in one picture from a few days back?

These ones! Azur blue Lulu-heels from Minna Parikka.

Some may recall me saying that I'd get a pair of Parikkas after giving birth. And I got a little gift card to the Parikka shop from my sister last Christmas. So now almost one year later I kept the promise to myself and settled for these true blue ones. 

And, more on the shoe front still: the Reina Muerte wedges that Freestyle Xtreme was giving away has found an owner!
Dum di dum...
In the drawing luck was on Dita von Grué's side! So off we send a pair to France then :)


Unknown said...

Those Parikka shoes are pieces of absolute beauty. I love that color blue, and the little wing detail is perfect!

Good choice :)

Porcelina said...

I had never heard of Parikka shoes, thank you for bringing them to my attention! That blue is really the most fabulous colour, what an amazing purchase.

P x

Kim said...

Ahhh, amazing! I'm from Canada and have never heard of any of the Scandanavian shoe companies that you mention on your blog.

Cherrydots said...

You got to love giftcards! What a great excuse to buy something. Hopefully one day I will also be a proud Minna Parikka shoe owner!

Helen Le Caplain said...

Oh my goodness, those shoes are DIVINE - well worth the wait, and they look fab on!

SparksFly said...

Beautiful shoes! my favourite shade of blue!


Tabet said...

I love this blus shoes!!!! WINGS!!! :)

Unknown said...

Marvelous sandal absolutely looking fine on all outfit.

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