Tuesday 7 January 2014


Putting my new wool skirt in action in a rather elementary color scheme and timeless vintage fashion.

Also. Stop the press! You saw it right - I am actually not wearing my black beret but a red one. I decided to sport a little variation this winter.

PS. The shoes are the autumn wedges I got myself this fall. I only wore them twice to notice they were way too big for me so I bought a smaller pair. I still got the larger barely used ones - that would be a size 38 - and will be selling them at some point. When that one beautiful day comes when I put up lots of stuff on my sales blog they will be there; but if someone wants them now already let me know.


mahi said...

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The Geeks said...

hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)good design

Anonymous said...

Aloitit joskus (aikoja sitten!) sarjan tatuoinneistasi, onko postauksia niistä tulossa mahdollisesti lisää? :)

Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Such a beautiful look! Great colors!

Anonymous said...

Love the red beret! You look gorgeous and this is a pretty outfit. I like the colours very much ie the tights with the beret. Happy new year to you and your lovely little family. Ps About your blog of the other day, I don't mind the ads on your blog at all. Congratulations on your wonderful blog. I recently read all of it (which took a while!) and very much enjoyed everything. I really like your illustrations and the glimpses of life in Finland, which is a place I've only ever imagined. Your look has certainly matured and your new darker blonde hair is my favourite change. I also realised you're the girl in one of my books on vintage fashion, wearing your grandmothers shoes and cardigan! Regards, Justine

rena said...

hi, this is buetifull blog. i love your big shoes. i would like to know their price,

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Nea said...

Åh så typiskt, jag har strl 36. Annars så skulle jag gärna köpt dem! Ang sales blog, du borde kanske ha en egen Etsy shop för att sälja vintage (om du inte har det redan) ?

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonyymi : haha joo, näin oli tarkoitus! Olin vaan itse unohtanut, tavallaan :)

Rena : I was thinking of selling them for 25 euros (they are 40e as new). There is a lady here in Finland who will try them on, so I can let you know if she will have them or not?

Nea : Hej! Mjah har alltid föreställt mig att det är för mycket hålla på med me etsy, eftersom jag har så lite tid att lägga upp grejer ändå (det blir så sällan). Allt jag har ar ju inte vintage utan också nya bara lite använda grejer, så tänkte att det inte är okej med second hand där. Fast kanske jag borde kolla upp det!

Nea said...

Ok, jo det måste nog vara vintage tror jag. Eller sånt man sytt själv förstås.

Unknown said...

Så vackert!

Mervi said...

Bought that skirt. Quality is bad, it is not wool at all but mixed fibres.
After two times used it looks awful.
Contacted Tara Starlet and no response.
Not going to that page again.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Sahra : What a pity, but not everything is for everyone. Mine still looks good after some wear and suited me and my winter needs well! I have always been pleased with the service I have received from Tara Starlet so they will most likely answer you when their website is up running again (noted today it is down).
And not that it is my concern, but the name of the skirt on the site and on my order does say 'wool mix'.