Wednesday 22 January 2014


I have a warm 1950's cardigan with pearls and rhinestones on it. I haven't been much for beads or other embellishments the past decade or so (on everyday clothes, ehrm, my on- and after stage wardrobe of course speaks a totally different language...) but now I am having an itch for such. Too bad the Trashy Diva Lorelei dress on sale was out in my size... (yes "too bad" says my economy and sighs peacefully).

This card is from my will work for clothes series. Well,which is not that much of an existing series really, it is  in fact not something that I will not do in general, uh oh, nah nah, no way -unless it's for a friend of mine and can be seen more as a mutual favour. So this one is from  Ina's Year Since Yesterday store,  as thanks for fixing up some pics and graphics for her.


Ruth said...

This is a really pretty cardigan, I'm not a great fan of overly embellished everyday wear, but this just is such a perfect light touch that it works really well! And it looks cosy...!

pengobatan darah tinggi said...

nice shot

Catlee said...

so great :)))

love, catlée

fashion and beauty tips said...

It's a very colored outfit, it's really pretty on you!!!