Monday 13 January 2014


I've never been a "nail person". Or so I thought. And by that I mean one that gets her nails done somewhere with fancy manicures, checks out nail pics on the web and so on. No glitter for me. I've always love painting ny nails though (even if I've been rather conservative with my color choices the last decade - red, the occasional pink and coral, then red and red and another red...). But I've never managed to keep them long for long, and that goes way back.

You may recall me saying that I played the piano for almost twenty years. (Mainly classical, if you wonder, later when I was at a high school for music also jazz etc. My first ever job was actually being a piano teacher for one graders :) Well, to be able to play well you can't really have long nails as they affect your touch on the keys. My piano teacher at the institute was a woman, and she would spot it right away if my nails were too long. When upgrading in my later teens I got new teacher who was a man and he did't quite realise what the problem was the times I had vainly let the nails grow; he'd just wonder why something was a bit wrong when I played...

My first year of studies after school was studies in painting at an art school which was a messy thing of preparing canvases and mixing oils and thinners and so on and thus no place for well done manicures - not to mention I was quite the art boho hippie at that time too, and having fancy nails was kind of a faux pas in the goa circles during the late nineties and early 00's. Haha, oh my, thinking of those days. At the same time I started working in the harbour where most of you know I was for more than a decade. And whenever I managed to do something nice with those nails of mine some god damn IMO-sign fastening on a truck or a box I had to carry or whatever work stuff there was was sure to break at least one of them (nails) and ruining the whole thing, the way it goes.

But although sometimes secretly jealous of all fancy nails I never got myself around to really go hav'em done as I wasn't a nail person you know (although I once bought a Groupon deal for myself to use at a salon but it expired. And one other time I got a gift card for a manicure as a present but it also expired. Sorry. I am like that. Don't give me gift cards unless you also force an appointment on me! Sorry again for all other expired ones too.). But, this summer I thought f u c k i t and got them done and HA! On some levels of life that have little impact on the way of the  universe it did make me happier. And life easier, at least from a vain point of view. I can do the dishes and laundry and gardening and what not and there they are still shiny and happy. And I don't have to worry about them being ugly with halt-gone polish either when performing. In certain parts of this life it's a 'phew'.

I started out rather gently from choosing calm classy colours (and having trouble using my phone with my new long nails) to go demanding "they need to be totally corny and crazy!!" by now. And well, if I don't find even find myself doing the occasional nail-pic search on google nowadays and have planned some styles for the next versions to come, hehe. It's kind of fun. Always something to keep me occupied with in my wait for spring. Three styles to go and then it's hello no-mitten weather again!

Umm, well, alright. So that was a story about nails and here are some manicures I've had the past months. Some of you will care while others will not, but here you go anyway:

Christmas bling. And those were pink half moons at the top of this post.

Sparkly for the new year. I added the floral water transfers myself.

French with a little lace. Also a transfer. They are rather genius.
I'll get back to those here at some point.

Barbie nails with tiny bling on the side.

Obviously, they will have to be mint green at some point.


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Color selection of nails is nice

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Let me just say: - Wow!! :D

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Interesting post. Really beautiful nails with flowers.

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I LOVE THAT NAILS! Especially the gold with rose one <3