Monday 10 March 2014


As usual I went from here to there during the weekend.

On Friday we were performing at the horse races in the South eastern part o the country.
Here with  the mandatory squeezing-everyone-involved-into-one-instagram-pic.

The next morning I drove west out to the farm and everyone else to bake a few cakes and pies for Eddi's older boys' birthday party. The boys got to choose their kind of cake and decorate them themselves. (Btw such a bliss every time something involving a lot of food takes place, to have an extra fridge around. We have our old one on the cold porch for jams and beer and such and occasional huge amounts of party food.)

In the evening I drove in to town to perform at a 1920's event at Casino Helsinki.
Our student & stage kitten Melody took the pic of us "getting into  character".

And the next day it was lots of cake and kids and people and hullabaloo!


Sylwia VamppiV Błach said...

Nice photos!

Ika said...

Jag såg er show på 20-talsdansen, kul att skymta den här på bloggen också. Jag hade inte sett burlesk tidigare så det var en intressant upplevelse. Gillade alla humoristiska inslag och samspelet mellan er på scenen!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Ika : roligt att höra :)