Tuesday 25 March 2014


There is one room downstairs in the farm house, behind the door with the chipped paint, that you have not seen that much of. Well, anything of really. A room that at some point will become a proper study & guest room.

The past year it has been full of left ocrs from the renovation as well as old and nice and old and ugly furniture without a place for their own. Plus Eddi's windsurfing gear and geology stuff an my dead plants I tried to keep alive in there during winter.

We've aimed to fix it up to level one every free weekend this year we'e had but so far no luck...

It will however turn out great when it's  done, eventually. For now it has no electricity and an ugly plastic carpet on the floor which I to start with, before getting it properly done (that'd be level one), intend to cover with lots and lots of rag rugs.

It has the nicest light in the house with windows in two directions and old wallpaper that is both yucky and pretty at the same time.


Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

I like the wallpaper! And no one puts up that kind of wallpaper anymore these days..

Anonymous said...

It's funny that Eddie is a geologist but also a farmer! I'm sure this room will turn out just perfect as you usually do a great job. I miss your baby posts (well, toddler) I miss that little cute face!

Komal Jha said...

Beautiful designes! Great work! Amazing post.


Jessica said...

Oh, the wallpaper looks lovely!