Thursday 1 May 2014


You know I like to eat a lot of pasta! Here's one dish I remember I used to make quite a lot when I was studying as it is fast and affordable; red carrot pasta:
Cook up pasta (tagliatelle works best I think but here I just had plain whole grain spaghetti) and add thinly sliced -  use a peeler or cheese slicer- strips of carrot a minute or two before the pasta is due.  Serve with red pesto, store bought, or make your own by mixing sun dried tomatoes in basil oil with nuts and seeds of your choice, some oil, a little bit of vinegar and salt.

If you want some added protein along add crumbled tofu. Or, for a non-vegan version an egg or cottage cheese. Or ricotta.

Normally I go of for 50-50 with the carrot and the pasta and sometimes a little more of the later.
You can make this all-vegetal too (or raw) by leaving the pasta out and just go for the carrots (raw or steamed or cooked depending what you're in to. In that case it works best to grab some zucchini along as well.)

Dag likes it. As long as it has much ketchup on it.
(Seriously, what is it with kids and ketchup?)


Mama D said...

Ketchup and kids! I think my 4-year-old would live on that stuff if he could have it his way!

Maureen said...

That sounds really good, I've only ever mixed it with that hard white cabbage (well boiled) and I liked that so I'll try it with the carrots now.

Victoria said...

the deal with kids and ketchup is the high sugar content!

Maureen said...

I made the carrot pasta and it was a big success!

Ma said...

Ketchup, or as se use to call it hare: taste remover.

GinCherry said...

Tried it yestarday and all the family just loved it :) Defo will do it again. Thank you :)