Thursday, 24 December 2015


Christmas! Christmas christmas christmas.

I really do love the season, even though we are having a very moist and green one this year.
Last year I was so busy everything was rather last-minute and then went by pretty fast. So I decided I'd start my Christmas preparations early this year to get to enjoy it longer.

Which obviously didn't happen, apart from some lights and starts hung up earlier in December.
I had pretty  much everything left for this week.

^That's me the last three days. EVERYBODY HAS TO GET IN THE CHRISTMAS MOOD NOW!
(picture from Fotolia)

So yesterday I had a turrrrbo-christmas preparation day and fixed soem gifts, sent out my cards and some gifts (YES I KNOW THEY WILL NOT MAKE IT but it's kind of nice receiving them during the so called middle days between Christmas and New Years' as well isn't it, when you can take it easy and eat chocolates and receive greeting that are still wishing you a good time, right?), decorated the tree and baked gingerbreads.

I am rather fine with being in a hurry and doing a lot a once thought, as I'm used to that, but I just miss getting to take it easy and enjoy the feeling.  Well doesn't everybody. But I will do it now and afterwards instead - my Christmas always goes on until at least Epiphany (old traditions here "throw" Christmas out after twenty days so there's still time). And we did have a nice although stuffed day yesterday -

Dag baked gingerbreads for the first time properly.

Classic hearts.

And gingerbread men that Dag and I decorated. (For some reason gingerbread med freak me out. Sometimes when I can't sleep I picture them coming up the stairs with knives in their hands. Merry Christmas!)

We did gingerbread trucks too, upon which Dag is happily munching here.

Last year I did a Moomin-inspired Christmas tree,  one like they do in the books. This year the kids got to decorate it so I just let it go for more is more.

I'm not much of a decorater otherwise; apart from lights I just prefer to add flowers of the season here and there.

Like amaryllis!

I love them as they are so big and bold, but they always grow too heavy and fall down and look drunk. So I placed them in the biggest jar I had, where they should be able to keep their alignment right.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everybody out there celebrating something!


Lau said...

hahahah the monkey is me every year whenever xmas time is getting closer...

have a wonderful holidays


marnikas said...

A little contribution to your fear of gingerbread men :D

I hope it doesn't give you too many nightmares and am very sorry if it does!

Have a great end of the year! And a busy new one!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Marnikas: haha YES, that exactly! :D