Wednesday, 9 December 2015


Our yearly Christmas show Under the Mistle Tease is only two days away! It started out as a one-time Christmas revue two years ago, which we then re-created as our burlsque school's  Christmas party and showcase. This third year we will also feature the other artists that use our studio as their base camp.

Yup, it's the time of year again when I dress up as a giant package. And will wear strange head gear. And a lot of other stuff. We are known for our outfit changes when we host. (But you have to arrive to the spectacle yourself to see that.)

Our yearly Christmas- and summer show is a great way to grant our students some stage time. But, many of them have started getting it otherwise too, and it's really nice to see how some of the girls that have worked hard have progressed so well and been gettin gigs of their own! Many of our students also get to perform at our RubiesKlubit club evenings too.

 Photo Tuula Ylikorpi.

I am also really proud of our student troupes, as in both proud of the girls and of the work we have created. The troupes and the girls in them have developed a lot during the years we've worke with them. Well, no wonder-  we are already at the fifth season with our Shangri-La Showgirls, and going on the third with The Shangrilettes, and all of the participants are very active. But I am also tapping ourselves, and myself, on the back becaus of the troupes. We have come up with very different numbers and choreographies each season (and this year will be no different, believe me ;) and they are all really good, if I may say so myself – and I may!

 The Shangrilettes.

Photo Tuula Ylikorpi.

The Shangri-La Showgirls

One of the things I like most is coming up with acts and concepts. Not all acts are possible to realise, I realized that a long time ago, sometimes because of practical reason or limitation (like, some ideas being near impossible to actually pull trough in the end because of setup or logistical -or financial- reasons) but mainly because of the fact that you just do not simply have an unlimited access of time. But when you have two student troupes plus a troupe of your own, you can put more of your ideas to use. Now I am lucky to not only work with those, but also to be part of a bigger 9-person strong on-off project group that will do something totally different from all the other ensembles. And for next year we have this totally megalomanic thing waiting. (Some magic extra time for the hour, day or year would be really really cool though...)

Pic by The Shangri-La Showgirls.

But – on to the next thing;  because people work and graduate and move abroad and want to pursue solo careers and all that jazz the way  it always is in life we have a few open spots in both troupes, meaning we will take in a few new girls to the groups now in January! Info here (for the moment only in Finnish, version på svenska and in English coming up at some point when the universe does hand one of us and our webmaster some hours extra to spare). You don't have to have any experience from performing before- we will coach you - but preferably have taken a burlesque class or intro workshop at some point, although it's not mandatory. If you are interested and think this might be it!, do come and check out the show on Friday!

All photos Tuomas Lairila unless else mentioned.
Original photo for the Mistle Tease poster by Asko Rantanen.

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