Thursday, 17 December 2015


Last weekend was a busy one with only about seven hours of sleep altogether which at this age means I am starting to recover by now. Just in time for the next weekend (and also fot he next show: The BittyBoyz performing at UGGLA tonight!)

First we had our Christmas Revue show.; Under the Mistle Tease.
While waiting for the actual on-stage photos here's one snapped by Suvi Korhonen with her phone. I am, as you can see, a giant cabaret snowman.

Then I was filming a artsy concept short film.

With a hectic backstage schedule; lots of work happening at once.

After that I drove up to Orimattila for some Christmas Burlesque shenanigans with an awesome crew.

And then it was back to filming on Sunday morning again!
(Making-of shot by Tero Syväniemi)

After the last show of the year- tonight- the next weekend will be filled with, apart from some hours of teaching, more housey things like baking gingerbreads and finaly preparing a bit mor for Christmas. Not that I complain, but my glitter- and make up quota for this year will be filled up very very soon.


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