Monday, 2 May 2016


I have this one Spotify list for soft Sunday music; for those days when you just want to - and maybe even have the chance to - take it easy, tune down and listen to mellow music. But it just struck me that I have been adding songs to that list for as long as eight years! That is quite a long time already. It's more than six hours of the last eight years and looking trough the list it serves as a reminder of times that have been. I mostly listen to just the latest fraction of it, which often equals songs I've added during the past year, but sometimes let the whole thing play in the background and be reminded of how things once were and how they felt.

There's The Specials that we'd listen to in the summer of '08 when we hit the town with Ina. And Air's Playground Love that's always been one of my favourite songs and that I remember playing on repeat to when having the lone shift at Vuosaari harbour back in the winter of '09, sitting in the small little gate box by the sea, and for that time being very heartbroken. It was one Saturday morning in particular that I remember, an early, eerie foggy one when everything was white outside, snow and ice and an thick air, I was sad to begin with and read fractions on Facebook that in the end cleared out to be the story about how a friend of mine had found her boyfriend who had hung himself the night before. Whenever I hear that song now I think of that white lonely morning at the docks wen everything felt weird. And there's Chet Baker from when I used to take some long city evening walks in light pastel shaded May evenings later the same year thinking about THINGS and what to do with them. Lou Armstrong that I listened to when my grandfather had just died and Wandering Star that my cousin sang at his funeral, and Mother and Alphabet Song that I played when I was expecting Dag and Shades of Cool the summer that I misscarried plus a lot from late nights when I've been driving my car along road 51 from the city to the farm. I know it sounds like a mainly a lot of sad or blue memories but that's just when I write it out; I guess those are the things that are the easiest to pick out and spot. There's a lot of good one from sunny days and cosy rainy breakfasts too.

I don't add to it that often, just a handfull of songs per year whenever I am reminded of or stumble across something that suits my mood for the moment. Let's see what song will be next, and what it will make me think of a year or two from now...
(Soft Sunday on Spotify)


Anonymous said...

I also have a strong attachment to many of those. Playground Love in particular since I'd never heard it before a friend gave me an old ipod with it on. She passed away a few years later and I think of her every time I hear it.

I love the vid. The two were well matched.

Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

Summer of 2008 ❤

Thiscrund Gayle said...

These look so beautiful! I love finding fun things like this! So glad you shared :)

Verim Ticari said...

Thanks for sharing!

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