Wednesday, 11 May 2016


(Yes I'm still away on a trip but I've scheduled a post here -  apparently I nowadays post more when I'm not present, ehrm.)

My test-tube collection have been ugly and dusty and left with some dried flowers  over the winter but just before I left I put in the first flowers of the spring. An instant cheer-me-up thing!


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Danielle said...

For summer, this is a great way to display those little stems you find on walks. I like how it makes the collection of flowers look intentional -- not messy.

Oliv said...

So simple but... so pretty :) Very good idea imho :)

Luxury Woman Clothing said...

great idea..

Fox said...

Those look lovely. I wish I had a green thumb. I've tried time and time again to keep flowers or other plants, and they just don't seem to survive under my watch.

Lilac Fox

Unknown said...

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