Sunday, 8 May 2016


It's the morning of a very long day as I am still continuing my Saturday here at 5am, stretching out the final hour before heading over to the airport soon (no use to go to sleep for just a mere hour, putting my hopes on the flight instead) : London calling!
It's been a day of crazy organising and packing, both for the show we had earlier tonight (which definetly was the best night we've produced so far! Been giving myself mental taps on the shoulder here), for five days of London with two performances - tonight and Wednesday at Dingwalls, for Estonia straight after that and for Dag for the time I'm away; Eddi is in Iran so the little one head over to relatives for next week. I mean, that's a lot of packing all at once, which I had to finish after coming home from our event as I had too much else to attend before. Phew. But London, yey! It's almost like vacation altought it's work! Heh.

PS. Happy mothersday and enjoy the sunshine!


Debs said...

Hope you got all that packing done!

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