Monday, 15 October 2007


I'm mostly a heels - or boots person. But these shoes are so adorable I wish I could fit in to them! My sister was cleaning a storage room at work and found them there. Obviously they are kids shoes (they are size 33), but neither one of us has any idea of how they ended up there among dirty workwear-clothes and heavy steelcap worker boots sizes 43-46. Even though I want this to be an all-illustration blog I have to post these photos of the ultra cool shoes here:

(my sister's shoesize is one size smaller than mine so she fit in to these, at least for the photo. She's a 36, so she won't be walking around in them much either...)


Anonymous said...

wow, actually cool shoes!

Anonymous said...

oh the shoes are really cool!

renee anne said...

awesome awesome shoes
i want!