Saturday, 27 October 2007


I'll continue with favourites... Wearing my favourite skirt I went to a party where they served my favourite kind of drink - the free one (and it was also the favourite of my favourites; martini. For free. Aaah). The venue was a release party for the latest issue of a magazine my friends make and it was a great night, with performances by these two cool girls (who by the way were picked up from the airport in our car because it is the coolest car around :).

As I said, I was wearing my favourite skirt, designed and made by me, top from Zara and shiny grey shoes and bag (to which I've added the bow) from H&M.

Had to skip the afterparty though; our flat was ready and we had to move ourselves and all of our stuff back in the next day. But now the place looks fab and I'm connectd to my computer and scanner and workstuff again.

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