Sunday, 14 October 2007


It's been very cold lately. Freezing actually. Had to take the winter jacket out of the closet. It helps, but I'm still not prepared to start the winter yet.
A friend of mine gave me a "how-to-stay-warm-outside-tip" once, but I can't remember it properly: if you feel really cold, think of some place really warm. That way you'll start to feel warm yourself. OR then you were suppoused to think of some place even colder in order to fool yourself by thinking that atleast it's warmer where you are... I've never used this trick since I can't remember what kind of place I was supposed to think of. But really, I don't think it would help anyway :)

Jacket - from HM, slightly modified by me
Long wool turtleneck worn as dress - also HM
Grey and black striped scarf - Vailent
Beret, wool leggings and suedeboots (fake suede I'm afraid) - old


Anonymous said...

Love the look! You have a really nice drawing style

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Thanks Sveta!