Monday, 15 October 2007


Autumn felt nice and somewhat soft today. The crispy cold is over and the air was fresh and moist with a few drops of rain on the cheek and even some sun from time to time. The rainstorm from last night had left lots of yellow leaves on the ground and water pools in the sidewalk to jump over. After working most of the day I felt like just walking around for hours without any special destination. I decided to go to yoga class, making a stop on the way to visit my friend in her shop.

I'm wearing my favourite erarings; black shiny bows made by my friend Johanna, a leather patch bag and a scarf I got for my birthday, an oversized cardigan from JC and overknee socks and colourful tights (have too many to choose from!) from HM.

(Later I decided to skip the yoga and hopped over some more waterpools too see my other friend in her shop downtown. Then I went home and now I've been drinking warm cherry juice, making drawings and listening to Junior Boys and Interpol all evening. Tralaa!!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, cute pic! But which tights did you actually wear? :)