Saturday 14 January 2012


Yesterday I was filming a short movie.

It was shot in an old movie theatre.

And also in this one here!

On film, not digital.

The day was not totally without misfortunes,  first, my co-actor had, umm... disappeared and a replacement had to be found real quick. And the the "old lady" (as the car was called) did not really like the very cold weather and decided to stop by the road every once in a while.

The sound man in the snowstorm. Dressed for the weather. I was dressed for the film and had to be outside a lot too, which was less nice... (Although the jacket I wore was very nice - nice and thin... I had SO much on underneath!)

Me in the theatre. (Btw I never really got the thing when make up artists decide to only dot a little mascara on the upper lashes and leave the lower ones bare. It happens a lot. Although they probably know more about what they're doing than I. But I feel very naked without lashes made BIG. )


GinCherry said...

Maybe it will be possible to see the movie? :) And btw I always leave my lower lashes bare. I don't know why maybe because it looks more natural :)

Anonymous said...

Me too, In never use mascara to my lower lashes! My lashes are maybe too long for that and I can't stand it if my eyes look like two spiders.

Actually the impression I'm really afraid of is my eyes looking like two, e-hum, caricature female genitalia. :/

turbokitty said...

Yeah, I also use mascara in this way :) I think my eyes look bigger, and I have too long lower lashes and it looks little uhm, dirty? I put a little of mascara in the corner only, it makes cat-eye more "cat" :)

Wonderful car btw!

Angelica said...

Love the vintage movie posters, and your makeup is great. Very Mad Men. Thanks for sharing! :)

Check out my Audrey Hepburn style tips:

And have you liked the BEIRUT CHIC Facebook Page yet? What are you waiting for?

Stay stylish,

Angelica :)

Unknown said...

Sounds like an interesting all be it cold experience! x

Chloe Innvaer said...

This sounds like an awesome experience! Everything about this made me smile!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Yes, on ewil be able to see the short movie once it's out.

I've had so many different make ups done by moyself and professionals, and have learned tht what brings out the shape in my eyes is definitely to do all the lashes properly - muy point here was that it always suprises me when mascara is not really used to more than coour the upepr lashes (not making them longer). I have very long under lashes so I actually like painting them; it m akes my eyes stand out. THe thing is of course not to over-do the mascara on them, otherwise it will look nasty.