Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I am sure many of you already are acquainted with 9-eyes. And if you're not, you should definitely be! It's a collection of screenshots from google street view, gathered and updated by Canadian artist Jon Rafman, containing scenes and moments captured while the Google car driving by.

I've always found Google Maps totally genius for finding your way, really.  Or for wanting to know what it will or should look like when arriving to the right place. Or just for being curious.
Some Sunday mornings I browse places. Last time Eddi And I checked out Alaska.

First I was not sure how Jon Rafman actually works - does he spend his days traveling around the world trough google maps? Are they all real? Has he scouted them all himself?

One can read a bit more on the project in his article here.

9-eyes has a lot of wtf, road side prostitutes and arrests, but also such pictures that could be works of art. And it is strange that those moments happened right there, right then.


Malayka said...

Wow these are really amazing! Ha ha I especially love the Rod Stewart fan club.

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Yes I know, it's hilarious :D

Purrfect Kat said...

I actually find this collection of pictures quite poetic and calming!
Lovin the little old man on the side of the road, or the horses in the background of the cemetery....bit uncanny isn't it??

Elina said...

The horses by the graveyard could be an artsy photo by Susanna Majuri :)

Anonymous said...

I believe this website gives a double feeling: I love seeing the animals, arty pictures and oddity, but seeing men being arrested or holding guns or even just those rude people pointing their middle finger gives a bitter view on the world.

Chloe Innvaer said...

I need to check out this website! These pictures are amazing!