Tuesday 31 July 2012


Last weekend we went out to my family's place in the archipelago just east of Helsinki. I used ti spend the whole summer there when I was a kid, my dad would take the boat and go to work back in the days. Now I usually only make it out for a day or two per year, you know, work, the farm and so on takes it's time...

Luckily for us, it was the sunniest and hottest weekend of the summer so far. (Pretty much the only really sunny weekend so far also...)

My parent's and sister's fiancé (status changed into that from boyfriend a couple of weeks ago :) are building a new little guest house in the back of the garden.

 It will turn out pretty nice when ready, all hidden among the plants and bushes.

When the big house was built in the 1920's they had a landscape architect plan the garden. My grandfather and his brother had to cut the grass with small scissors when they were kids in the 30's.

But that was a long time ago and nature has since had it's own way with the garden too.


Eimear O'Reilly Stylist said...

the baby is too cute!!!! i call for baby outfit posts haha!! i have a new post up about cheap online shopping, would love to know what you think! thanks x


Unknown said...

Just gorgeous! What a lovley place, I so want to visit Finland, it is such a beautiful country.

X said...

I loved this post so beautiful landscapes and well-written comments, your baby is very charming.
I'll be sending interview for the blog week LOOK10, if you want (by mail).
A greetings from sunny (too). Spain

Anonymous said...

How beautiful. I have recently discovered Tove Janssons adult novels translated into English. The Summer Book is a delight--your pictures call to mind the descriptions of her glorious island.

J x

Miss Maple said...

Oh my! These are nice pics from your parents' summer retreat. So homey and inviting. I wish you some more sunny weekends there.

Tinker Bell said...

Skärin <3

Trädgården påminner mig lite grann om trädgården på Aitolahti, min barndoms sommarvilla som såldes när pappa dog... det var också en riktig gammaldags trädgård. Oj. Nostalgi. :)

jessbuurman said...

Island picture is very cool.i like that kind of place.