Saturday 4 August 2012


As most often with summer houses and cottages, there is a woodshed at our premises in the archipelago. Full of saved-for-later items, tools and junk. I hadn't been up there in a while but decided pop by.

The foremost reason being to check out this: my father's old bed and Dag's future one. With painted birdies and bambies on it, from the early fifties. It's hanging in the ceiling, hence the odd angle.

Another thing hanging in the ceiling (or, alright, on the wall) is my dad's old cruiser. I was drooling about it in my early twenties but there it still hangs.

I wonder how this nice piece of furniture ended up a shabby work table? (Would require too much effort to ever get it out of there and cleaned up so just as the bike I'll leave this one alone. And of course it's not like I can go around just collecting stuff for myself just like that either...)

I can't believe I hadn't thought of it before, to try and find something nice from the shed. Behind some junk just next to the door I found old metal perfume ad sheets! My great-grandfather imported 4711 a long time ago. This one, cleaned,  is now in our bathroom in the countryhouse.

And some day Dag will play with this little (or, pretty big, depending on how you see it) wooden truck! Just like his grandfather did a long time ago.


Marloes said...

Nice bicycle!

Miss Maple said...

So many surprises in a single shed. I think that was just right up your alley.I hope we'll have the chance to see the metal ad in your bathroom some day.

jessbuurman said...

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Mish said...

Due to the severity of my grandfather's asthma 4711 was the only perfume my grandmother could wear!