Tuesday 23 April 2013


We've been renovating the country side house now for five(!) months, and step by step in small bits  we're starting to finish things off. Babysteps, but getting there. Even though the whole house itself, in certain ways, will be an eternal project - you know, few houses are ever really ready. But anyway.

Things have happened in the hallway, especially to the floor. But more on that another time.

The bathroom now has a sink. More on that later too.

And the kitchen has been, as you now, in action for a few months already but is still -yes, still- waiting for some last detailing.  Meanwhile my noodles are happily cooking.


M + K said...

We love that bathroom sink! the detailing is gorgeous


Kelly said...

Ohhhh that sink!!

Anonymous said...

Baby Dag is already standing! whooohooo!! next thing he'll be dancing with mommy :)

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