Tuesday 9 April 2013


Where did all this new snow come from?

In Finnish there is this saying called  takatalvi, meaning 'returning winter', or 'back winter', "behind winter"; it can't be translated fully. I think of it as the dèrriere of winter, because it sucks. In any case that is when winter strikes back a last time (or some last times) after spring has already kicked in, recurring wintry weather in spring. Snow on crocuses, freezing in spring jackets and so on. It has been snowing on-off for two days now, but even if it just was beginning to actually, finally feel like spring before that one still can't speak of a taka talvi yet as the season hadn't propably changed yet, although almost a month late.

I had however already thanks to the sunny days and dried up roads before taken out my in-between boots and tucked the winter ones away. Might have to jump back one step in spring developement now though.

But I hadn't gone as far as switching jacket. This one is keeping me warm still. And cosy. A few years ago I was so eager to bring out those thin jackets of mine as soon as I could - I remember a long walk to  a party one Friday evening in m leather jacket and a surprising snow storm. But not being cold is rather awesome.

And you now what they say? It takes some new snow to melt the old away.
So let's hope this was it!

I got my wrap around plaid jacket last year from ModCloth, the dress underneath is from Trashy Diva and the boots are very old but somewhat re-discovered for me.


Naomi said...

You look beautiful! I hope the snow melts for you soon, but I do love your coat~

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Unknown said...

You look fabulous! x


Miss Maple said...

I'm so sorry for you that you have got snow again. But in Germany it's not really better. After having really cold days last week this week it's sulky or rainy weather all the time. When will spring ever come? Love your outfit from the beret which suits you so much to the boots. Have a happy week!

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures! I love your coat!


WithloveMJane said...

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Pixglam Happy Bookmarking said...

Love your eyes and your sense of style.