Tuesday 30 April 2013


Black beret week part one;

Eddi is away on the other side of the world for a couple of weeks, I have some commissions to work on, a couple of workshops to keep and Dag is getting some more teeht. But no problem,  I will just clone myself times four and things should be alright.
But that means this will be the black beret -or other head-gear weeks, covering a messy head with that thrustworthy piece of cloth for a less on-the-verge-of-a-burnout look. That, and some lipstick and I'm good to go!

 Sometimes people ask how to manage -or rather why-  to take care of oneself (as in dress up, wear make up, fix the hair) with a baby but I don't really get the question, only partly. Yes, in some terms style may alter a bit along with parenthood, but why let go of your personal style completely? If I'm going somewhere it's just as big an effort for me to get up and put on a dress as it would be to put on a pair of sweat pants or pull a plastic bag on me. And flapping on that beret and a quick go with what's inside my make up bag takes no longer than five minutes, one if I have to, with Dag by my side. Or, given the opportunity, it can of course take as long as it has to. In any case it's not something you have to defend.

Related to that I have to point out how great this dress, along wiht the Jeannie dress in the same material, I got from Trashy Diva last fall have been. Trashy Diva is on the more expensive side for some, but in this case it was especially oh so worth it; the fabric is thick and good looking -a jersey knit- while still soft and stretchy. It's like wearing a sweat pants in dress form! That also happen to look good. Because dresses or no dresses, I almost never wear anything during the day that is not comfy. If you can combine comfy and style you have yourself a winner.


M I N G said...

I totally agree with you! Either way you're putting some sort of energy into your appearance! I always call my skirts and dresses my sweats! They are equally as comfortable... just have to be mindful of the wind :)

Esz said...

Oh those shoes are lovely! Where are they from?

Helen Le Caplain said...

I couldn't agree more! Although I'm not a mum, there are times when i have to drag myself out of bed having only got in five hours before due to a work project.

It could be easy to drag on a pair of baggy trews and dash out of the door - but I would look and feel pretty drab.

A structured dress, midi heels and a dab of lipstick later and I'm good to go - and feel confident in what I'm wearing.

Love that dress on you - the shape and colour is gorgeous!


Wandabe said...

mä pystyin yhden lapsen äitinä vielä pukeutumaan ja meikkaamaan joka päivä, kahden lapsen kanssa meikkaamaan mut nyt kolmen kanssa näytän roskasäkiltä :D ei vaan ehdi! aamuisin kun saa yhden kouluun ja toisen joko tarhaan tai päivävaatteisiin siinä kun pienin menettää hermoaan vieressä niin ei jää edes sitä viittä minuuttia :D

mut osalla onnistuu vaikka muksuja ois kymmenen! eikä se ole multa pois että muut mutsit on nättejä!

Eva M. Vázquez said...

Absolutely love your dress!

Porcelina said...

Another fab outfit, and further proof that you can be comfy and stylish at the same time.

Why do people even buy things like grey sweatpants? I don't understand the motivation!

P x

Anonymous said...

Eikö sua haittaa, että lapsi sotkee sun mekot? :)

Kelly said...

Simply gorgeous!

Stefanie said...

I love that dress, it looks so comfy but you still look so well put together :)

irelassred said...

Gorgeous! Trashy Diva is one of my very favorite labels. A bit pricey, yes, but very well made, beautiful dresses which are also comfortable is win-win! We have many of the same dresses. It is always fun to see a picture on your blog of another person wearing a frock I own. :) Dag is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen.
And I totally agree that if you have to get dressed, you might as well put on something that looks nice!