Thursday 11 April 2013


Among those things you plan forever and one day actually get done, or almost:

Apart form the raspberry wallpaper that had been lurking in my head for years I also had the idea forever of framing old pages from a biology book and putting them up in the countryside kitchen. The past years I've seen such posters and pages more and more in magazines and interior blogs. I had checked out plenty on etsy and such, both old and newly printed, but the whole thing kind of lingered.

Now I don't even want such for the (new) kitchen anymore, I have new plans for what to put on those walls, but some time ago I stil grabbed the old idea and ordered a few random pages from an old botanical book via Lundagård. Will put these pictures elsewhere, somewhere.

At about the same time Ikea started selling similar pictures too, already framed... well of course they did. (pic from Ikea)

Sandberg also has a wallpaper with the theme, Botanica. Beautiful, but for a swooning 407e (!!? read it in a mag but must have been a typo?) per roll I think I'll just stick to old book pages in frames. From ikea. Or glue them directly to the wall like that. Why not, if the space allows it? (pic form Sandberg)


Unknown said...

Lovely *.*

Dee said...

The wallpaper is beautiful. I will buy it in a heartbeat but for the price.

Unknown said...

Åh vackert! Verkligen superfint!

Faye D. Cook said...

Nice decorations!

Unknown said...

Love it