Saturday 25 May 2013


What I did during the last seven days. No day is like the previous one to me .Which does not mean that my life is one big adventure or party, having no routine can also be rather exhausting. And every week is busy-week over here.

But anyway, here we go; this was my past week (mostly via instagram, haven't readlly had the chance to carry the camera around - my hands are full of other stuff, like babies for example, you know.)

Friday. last week's.
Drove some 300 kilometers up to Jyväskylä where we had a show with Sweet Jeena & Her Sweethearts as well as The Shrieks. Here we are posing all naturally backstage with our local sailor pick up girl.

Drove back and stopped at this very Kaurismäki-esque old gas station and bar. Which sadly was closed for the day.

Did a quick stop home and put the face on again and went for a show we did at a library. It was thunder and the lights went dark, but the music kept on playing!

Hanged with these two out on the farm. Did some graphic work while dag napped.

Stayed at home and did lots of tidying up and cleaning! Woooh!


Filmed a thing that will air in autumn and forgot to take any social media evidence of that...
Later I had a meeting after which we rehearsed something that included a helluvalotta gogo boots.


Eddi had a day off and we were at the farm. Dag was all excited about the neigbor's cows walking pass the window and I picked some nettles.

Did a show at Radisson Plaza with these funny ladies.

Friday, this one.

Took a walk with Dag to Tapiola, our hoods while int the city, and bumped into this fella.

In the evening I had a burlesque workshop, as a student for a change; there's some outsiders in town giving us what they've got!  Here's a bunch of legs from that event

After which I drove out to the farm  with a  pastel May evening sky in front of me.


Helen Le Caplain said...

What a lovely mix of home life, chilling out and glamming it up!

Myrull said...

Loving the String shelf above the make up table. I have the exact same shelf myself actually :)

SparksFly said...

Beautiful photo's! I love your blog so much :)


Ina - Years Since Yesterday said...

ooh, where is that gas station?

Unknown said...

Looks like you've had a lot of fun! You guys look gorgeous in every picture!

Anonymous said...

Fantastiska bilder, som alltid! De där vita stövlarna, går såna att få tag på någonstans för vanliga dödliga?