Monday 20 May 2013


This is a pay-per-view video sponsored by Vileda for a campaign which aim is to ironically depict the consequences of the persistence of stains on the floor in the long run and to joke around the importance of immediately cleaning them up.
I decided to post it as it has funny cats in it!

Of course in my home  I am rather owned by those felines of mine; constantly cleaning from the mess they've made, not a mess produced by me. And nowadays I'm more worried about saving the I-throw-everything-on-the-ground-and-put-everything-and-I-mean-everything-in-my-mouth-baby than the cats -I really do have to clean everything up immediately! (yes my son has tasted cat food...) But at least I get clean floors that way, giving them a go a couple of times per day...

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Myrtha Meadows said...

Eftersom ja själv är en "crazy cat lady" tycker jag självklart att det här var en underbar reklamfilm! :D Min vän Tifa (tror hon intervjuade dej för sin tidning Min Boudoir nån gång) la upp bilder på en s k "Pallas katt" på Facebook förra veckan. Hade aldrig sett en Pallas katt förut, men nu vill jag HA EN!!!! :D