Saturday 26 October 2013


The other day I received a gift in the mail from Danish vintage store Style me Betty!
And you know I love gifts, or well, who wouldn't. I mean really, who?

I got a vintage dead stock knitted top.

Which I wore right away.
It requires a cardigan to go along for now but come sunshine and warmth again it will be very happy outside on its own.  It made me think o cotton candy; it's color and knit pattern.

 And, the parcel also contained a beautiful white beaded 1930's turban.
That I decided to use for a fan dance number of mine, and here's a shot of that from a small and very red backstage.


Natasha said...

Oh, that's so pretty. I love getting packages and gifts.

Roxy said...

Such a lovely sweater and what a pretty idea to use lace to tie up a package.

Ms. Falcon said...

oh, i love her shop. the turban is fabulous! wore a 50s/60s hat from her shop at my wedding in june. the shop has the best collection of hats!

Unknown said...

The turban is gorgeous! I love all the vintage style although I do admit I find it hard to pull of myself :)