Wednesday 9 October 2013


I did some posing for PinUp Helsinki earlier this year.

PinUp Helsinki is the first neo pinup studio in the country. It's run by some friends of mine and they organise shoots quite regularly that anyone has the possibility to book and become a classic pinup for a day.

Photo by PinUp Helsinki / Jirina Alanko
Hair & styling : Fiona Timantti
Make up : Miia Magia

PS. you have the chance to win a photoshoot by liking the PinUp Helsinki facebook page; enter their competition here!

And, the best dressed spectator at Suomi Burleski Gaala; the Finnish Burlesque Gala will win a 100€ gift card for a shoot at the studio. We (The Itty-Bitties) will be performing a classic routine of ours there and the group we have been coaching trough weekly classes with Tinker Bell will premiere their first number, which makes me all excited and proud.
The gala is on October 19th, get your tickets form Tiketti in time not to miss out!


Unknown said...

Gorgeous photos Darling! Absolutely stunning! xoxo

Anonymous said...

The backround is very disturbing and it makes the text really hard to read.Opposide colors work the best.Best one is balck on white or dark grey on white and so on.Usually it's not really reader friendy to but white text on balck background since it's not kind on the eyes.Lovely blog still!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Anonymous : it's not me who has set the background, but my collaborator/blog portal I work with over here! I've contacted them about the issue. I'm a graphic designer and I've studied perception a lot; I prefer dark grey on white the way I have set the page to be. Not a big friend of negative text (white on black) either. For the moment it shows regularly to me (white background, grey text) but I know there's an ad running sporadically that does not sit well with readability and aesthetics.

Désirée said...


In the Ruins of Berlin said...

Like the barefoot + nude "real" underwear style, very touchable... and you look great of course, as always! xxx

Unknown said...

A beautiful picture.thanks for sharing.