Wednesday 30 October 2013


(I thought it sounded better to piff this up rather than pimp it. You can piff stuff up in Swedish. So so be it here.)

We had this 'extra' ikea cup board over at the country house that we had used in our kitchen while between renovations. It made it into Dag's cupboard, for his clothes and bed sheets and such, with some toys for him to dig out from the bottom drawer.

I put up a piece of curtain fabric on a string to the doors, to cover up any possible mess and mis-matching baskets inside. (Which behold, is now for the whole internet to see. The cupboard is quite shallow and it was kind of hard to find small but practical enough baskets for his clothes. Good thing they are small, the clothing, hehe. I can't stand having clothes or bed linen by themselves on shelves, everyting.must.go.into.baskets.)

We changed the metallic knobs to porcelain ones.
(But we still don't have floor boards. Aaaaaaaaa....)

Dag is still staying in our bedroom;  the lace fabric match the bedroom curtains. When we eventually get the other rooms and spaces fixed up and he gets a room of his own I can change the lace to some other fabric to suit his future space. (Or, find another use for the piece...)


Désirée said...


Cup Of Kitten Tea said...

This is fabulous, I wonder how you do it all with a small child too!
There's this fab poppy & fern giveaway, I saw it and thought of you, thought you might like to try to win yourself a beautiful embroidered piece!
Take care Muma xxx

Kelly said...

The baskets thing is a great idea, my piles of clothes on shelves always fall over and I lose things!

Sarah Jane said...

I always enjoy seeing snippets from around your home :)

Anonymous said...

oh how strange! Ive been to ikea today hehe bought a TON of gingerbread house supplies :) Ive always wanted to make one and at the grand old age of 18 I finally am!

Jessica said...

Looks great! Also, the expression "spiffed up" exists in English too.