Saturday, 2 November 2013


The darkest season is officially here now then and me being the self named -and only- led master of this household put our back porch into late autumn mode with lots of led lights around the windows.

Also, a lonely tea cup makes a good tea candle holder, with a soft and cosy shine.


Anonymous said...

It certainly looks very dark outside your pretty windows! Can you see lots of stars outside? We have the 'saucepan' constellation, and the Southern Cross, here in our Australian skies. What do you see? Justine x

Unknown said...

Great pictures! YAY the dark season is here again! So far, fall hasn't been annoying here so woohoo!

The Freelancer's FashionBlog said...

Justine; here in the countryside you can see lots of stars very well. It's never the same when in the city as it's never as dark :) Hmm, have to check up the constellations for their international names. I've seen some of them "upside down" when travelling :D But I think we also see the "saucepan", I take it it's what we call Karlavagnen (google told me "big dipper" in English and that it's actually part of the Ursa Major). Thats pretty much the only one I can tell myself :D

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Unknown said...

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