Tuesday 5 November 2013


Dag has a cold and something of a tooth-breaking fever. So no going to the gym and it's kid-park (seriously, gyms with kid parks, genius) today then. Not too bad actually, as it's cold and windy and rainy outside. And as I am rather tired and has had a sore back for some time too I'm just keeping him company by the cartoons on Netflix (ah, genius that too) with a pack of magazines instead of work.


Sarah Jane said...

Ha ha, Timmy Time :)

Anonymous said...

I hope Dag is feeling better very soon! He looks to be very well looked after. What a little cutie pie he is. We have those little ikea bowls too. We've used our set of 4 every day for years since our boy was around Dag's age. They still look brand new. Justine

Anonymous said...

Get well soon sweet little Dag!