Wednesday 13 November 2013


I have a new affiliate which I am going to present here to you. It is for the Finnish market, but we'll do the talking in English anyway, as we are used to over here.

(To illustrate this post we have a totally not-staged photo moment of me -happy and internetting about- and my son in scarily matching at home-outfits.)

The site I am adding to my affiliate list is It's the first cash back site in Finland. What that literally means is that you get part of your cash back when shopping online;  a certain percentage (or, in some cases, a fixed sum) from a purchase you have made via the cash back site. This service is possible as Ostohyvitys kind of works as an affiliate for online stores, being a portal to shop trout,h directing customers forward and giving part of it's affiliate commission to the shopper itself (from some sites a percentage even higher than 10% of a purchase). By logging in and visiting stores trough the site you collect your bonus which will then be paid back to your bank account. (Which happens when you have collected 15euros in returns, or more). A small forever ongoing sale, sort of.

I originally signed up to get a free chocolate bar (chocolate, you know, always works as a bribe for me ;) without thinking too much about it. But then I looked into the system and now I am totally hooked. I try to remember to always check with first if there is something I need to get online - it would be stupid not to. There are over 450 stores  and service providers to choose from -so many it's almost surprising- both Finnish stores as well as international ones. Not the most niched ones of course, but still a crazy lot; several hotels and hotel booking sites (for example 5% off a hotel booking at, virtual malls and fashion stores like Asos, Ellos, Zalando and Nelly, flight companies and travel agencies, Akateeminen Kirjakauppa, Apple Store, lots of magazines, etc.
Well, you can see more on the site yourself.

Många bäckar små… as we say in Swedish; a buck or two here and there turns into quite a lot in the end. For example, I buy some of my eco makeup via Nelly as they have a 11,5% bonus percentage. So my mascara (Une Green Pride btw, it is very good) which is 20,50 at Nelly is then18,40 for me! So I can't really see any reason for anyone not to sig up, hence the affiliation.

And I did mention chocolate earlier… There is a campaign going on giving you a complimentary Fazer's Blue after you sign up  via me and do your first purchase.
You can join HERE!

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Loving the red of your headscarf against the stripe of your tee! X